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Said Hello, to my girl, having some food and we headed to the private room again. At the end, I told her I will fly back home tomorrow. Always visit this place, and have got to know many of the more regular gals. Screwed in the thigh massage room, and also the masseuse. Walked around the area for a little bit and saw some young hot talents roaming the streets. I would like to share some interesting experience during my recent visit to Macau. However, as I didn't book a hotel and I was too tired to move to another sauna, I entered anyway.I had a 3-day trip and decided to spend 2 nights at Saunas mainly because of the ridiculously high price of hotels during the new year holidays. After a quick shower and some light dinning, I decided to take a full body spa to relax a bit first as I didn't have proper sleep for nearly 40 hours due to jet lag. After that, I moved to the lounge area, thinking about calling out the lineups.My Viet girl was really nervous about that and hide behind the door as she told me that her lipstick is totally gone and they must know we have kissed. The other girl told me that I already had 4 thigh massage sessions and one more session together with the full body spa before equals to a full service session and I can get my entrance fee waived. We ended up with one more session and 40 minutes extra, until her roommate (another Viet thigh massage girl) came to demand her to go home together.It was 3 am already and I was so tired and didn't bother to even see the lineups.

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Had a nice session with a 30 ish Chinese service queen. Biggest change is the thigh masage appears to be off the menu, not in the room or in the lounge. BTW, did visit Sauna One, but nothing different to report.