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Glee episode puck and rachel dating

After dumping their disgusting lunches on Rachel and Kurt, Artie and Tina's prickly clique dares them both to try out for the glee club.Did anyone else forget how friggin' awesome but hilarious Tina's audition song of "I Kissed a Girl" (slap! Will writes down "angry" in his notes and underlines it, which now explains Tina's entire Season 4 arc.As per usual, Artie takes the cake with the perfect audition song, "Pony" by Ginuwine.It's hard not to associate this song with Parks and Recreation after Season 6, but Artie is the perfect mix of humor and soul.A semi-canon pairing between Noah "Puck" Puckerman (played by Mark Salling) and Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) from FOX's new TV show, Glee.They shared 1 episode together of yummy-ness where they were actually dating.Kurt attempts to make friends by sitting with a bang-less, less tan Rachel Berry at lunch.

But Artie comes to his defense at an emergency meeting by recalling the entire incident from the pilot when Finn rescued him from the porta-potty and wheeled Artie all the way home after the fact.It takes two minutes into the first glee club meeting for Rachel and Mercedes to start fighting over solos.Terri is already nagging Will about being too distracted by glee club because she's worried about becoming an ignored wife. Will reassures her that "you are the love of my life" and that nothing is going to take her away from him. Back at school, Rachel gets the first solo much to Mercedes' frustration.He considers changing his tune when he learns that Terri is "pregnant" so of course Rachel goes to Sheets-N-Things to talk Terri out of talking Will out of his job at Mc Kinley.There is also drama because Finn has since joined glee club, but then he quit, and then he rejoined and is now bossing everyone around according to Kurt.

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