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For instance, you could have an alternative to or similar. You might also want to look at a domain if your name, company name or the term you want to register ends in 'it'.For instance, if taken, you could try to register the country code for Somalia but anyone can buy and use domains. Originally created for commercial websites this has developed into the preferred first choice for any type of website.And everything can be updated instantly, so people can always access your latest details.

These generic Top-Level domains are unrestricted so anyone can register .

By including a link to your website your search engine ranking is likely to improve too.

You'll always retain complete control over the information you show, of course.

Anyone can buy and use a are the new namespace for individuals or businesses who want to showcase their business on the web, or if you want to create or join a reputed the Internet country code top-level domain (cc TLD) for the United States and it's open to all US citizens and residents, as well as organisations and businesses that have a presence in the States.domain name registration is open to:. Officially the domain of the small island Sint Maarten. Because it spells the word 'me', it's a great extension to consider if you want to register a domain that's personal to you - like your name.

However, it is being marketed as the 'dot sex' domain which is available to all, whether you are in the adult industry or protecting your brand. Anyone can buy and use a domain, though it's particularly useful for businesses which trade in China or are thinking of entering the country's rapidly-expanding markets. The domain extension can also be used as the last part of a word.

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You can use the to signal something about your site, for instance, it could signify a social website - like a forum or message board. XXX domain is the new sign of professionalism for the adult industry. It is common for UK sites to register both and uk domains.