Elucidating the mashup hype definition challenges

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Elucidating the mashup hype definition challenges

It is otherwise a difficult task in a conventional application development scenario.

It is a concept, rather than a newly evolved programming paradigm, that was indeed being used in conventional application development in an unknowing way and lack of standards for data and application interoperability was felt a bottleneck for its wide spread usage.

In this regard a survey of map data providers was done to identify suitable sources.

There exist several data providers that render geo-spatial data depicting the entire world in an extremely fast rendering on-line application within a web browser.

Client-side mashups The objective of attempting this task was to understand how a base map from a publicly available data provider can be used with regard to customizing or programming it as per requirements at the client-side.Finally the map could be published either through making it available for public viewing, create an online web application or a through a link that could be used for hosting on user’s own web server as shown in fig-1.The objective of attempting this task was to create useful feeds as standard RSS /JSON or other formats from static websites.The information as such is presented in HTML form and a student is expected to visit the web site often to get to know about an update.The idea behind creating a live feed is to benefit a student by giving an alert to his or her e-mail or mobile phone as the site gets updated.

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The result of a filtered output for a user entered keyword “lokpal” is shown in figures 4.