Changing gender roles dating

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Changing gender roles dating

This current study is designed as a mortuary based study to identify from a national sample all cases of female homicides and child homicides.

We will follow up all of the identified cases with police to gain further information about the circumstances of the murder and the identity of the perpetrator.

The 1st National Study on Female Homicide (see below Completed projects) established that South Africa has an intimate femicide rate that far exceeds documented rates for other countries.

Overall homicide rates has been decreasing in South Africa since 1994 and similar trends has been reported for intimate femicide in developed countries.

The study is designed as a longitudinal follow-up study using qualitative semi-structured interviews with both sexually abused children and their adult care givers.

Screening tools will also be used with the children to assess psychological symptomatology.

The ethnographic study will study ethical issues related to and arising from this survey.

The 1st study also alerted us to the problem of child murders (0-17 years) of which very little is known.

Finally qualitative interviews were conducted with providers trained in two facilities before and after training and also with a further group of 15 providers some months after training, the aim being to explore the extent and nature of health system barriers to service improvement after training.

E-mail: [email protected] Project publications This study is being undertaken in collaboration with the School of Education Studies at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (Robert Morrell) and Emory University (Kristin Dunkle).

South Africa is known for its high levels of violence including homicides of men, women and children, and rampant gender based violence such as rape and intimate partner violence towards women.

However, we are unaware of the lifetime nature and forms of violence disabled women experience and the impact this has on their lives.

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