Cambodian sex trafficking 2012

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Cambodian sex trafficking 2012

Cambodia's Orphan Business, reveals how 'voluntourism' - the fastest-growing sector of one of the fastest-growing care industries in the world - is fuelling a high-profit volunteering business that sees volunteers' dreams exploited and Cambodian children separated from their families.

The team's journey starts with a visit to The People's Improvement Organisation.

“We don’t have a nationwide estimated number of victims that we agree on,” he said.Strong diplomacy from the US and other donors also helped the Cambodian government take action, Burkhalter said.“They don’t want to be known as the place where little children can come and be bought, and we really find that to be the case with our partners and governments,” she said.The IJM report found the prevalence of underage girls declined from around 8 percent to just over 2 percent from 2012 to 2015.Holly Burkhalter, IJM’s vice president of government and advocacy, told VOA Khmer that Cambodia is “no longer the world’s No.

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“We know there are issues and still cases,” she said.

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